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FayrEdge EXP360 Suite

Elevate Experiences. Enhance Growth.

With FayrEdge EXP360 Suite, the world's first platform that brings the combined power of people science & technology, sharpen your Experience Management in a world of fragile stakeholder loyalties.

Focus on what matters to your stakeholders.  



Know what delights your customers & what causes them to churn. Make the shift from service centric to experience centric and watch delighted customers become your 'word-of-mouth' ambassadors

Get your Customer Experience assessed


Customer Fair Experience Scores

Customer Delight in your KRA?
But Customer Churn & Acquisition Costs worrying you?

Redefining Experience Management in a world of dynamic Stakeholder Loyalties

All Positive Experiences start with Fairness.  Three products to enable you hear the voice of your stakeholders, so you can de

All on one platforms

Redefining Experiences with Behavioural Science

. Because Positive starts with Fairness Listen to. Measure. Get Actionable Insights. Strengthen. Repeat

[For all  your Stakeholders]

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Redefining Experiences with Behavioral Science 

Making fairness tangible & measurable

6 core dimensions that define fairness for all

Customized for 7 stakeholders

Across design & delivery of programs & policies

Focus on enabling culture of fair experiences

Measure impact of fairness on trust & stakeholder retention

Built on Technology for Analytics, Reach & Scale

Cloud based platform 

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Sentiment Analysis using Gen AI & LLM

Voice to Text NLP capabilities

Multilingual options for feedback

Data Security & Data Privacy compliances

Multi device

(Laptop/ Mobile/ Tablet)

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With just over 33% of consumers trusting their brands, brands are facing a renewed impetus to rebuild consumer trust.

2023 report by OOH Media Platforms Clear Channel and JCDecaux​

Product Suite


Enable your stakeholders share their experiences & feedback with you, on your digital channels. When they choose to.

Get continuous real time feedback & insights on what they are delighted with and where their experience is falling short

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Product Suite

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Seek regular feedback via the proprietary FayrEdge experience framework to measure & get actionable insights into their current experiences.



Know the perception gaps between voice of stakeholders and your self assessment

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