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What problem Is FayrEdge solving and how are we uniquely positioned?

Trust capital impacts 30% of business profitability.

6 out 10 reasons why stakeholders opt out are experience and perception led, despite its importance not enough attention is given to the key driver impacting TRUST capital.

The need is to merge the gap between expectations and lived experiences.


Fayredge helps to plug the gap between expectations and experiences for all stakeholders and to enable organizations to centre their attention on Fair stakeholder experiences, the primary driver in building trust capital. 


Our differentiators are unique

  • First, it focuses on a broader set of stakeholders beyond the select few of customers, investors and employees.

  • Second it focuses across the stakeholder journey, not restricted to transactional instances.

  • Thirdly, it merges the gap between an organisation's perception of how they are delivering to Trust vs how they are being experienced- this gap is close to 60%; 

  • Fourthly, it focusses on the primary driver impacting Trust capital which accounts for 60% of the reasons why stakeholders opt out.


At FayrEdge we have set out with a vision to build a world  where Fair Experience is made essential for all to have a Voice & Choice. Because we believe all of us deserve fair experiences to thrive.


With our innovative and proprietary, framework we highlight the gap between Voice of stakeholders and Self assessment alongwith Culture vulnerability assessment that:


  • Builds competitive differentiation, and memorable experiences across the stakeholder  journey  

  • Reduces stakeholder churn

  • Shortens their selection time and drive higher collaboration and innovation 

  • Reduces risk, add resilience and improve long term ROI.


We are the World’s First Comprehensive & Integrated platform focused on Fair Stakeholder Experiences, FSx.  FayrEdge enables sustained success by keeping us adaptive and relevant with the ‘3-6-7 FSX culture framework’ which encompasses all stakeholders beyond the select few.

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