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How does FE ensure preservation and enhancement of Trust?

Research shows that 30% of a business’ profitability comes from stakeholder trust! Clearly, TRUST is one of the most important assets for any organization.  

6 out of 10 reasons why stakeholders opt out are experience and perception led. Despite it’s importance yet this is not given enough importance.


While competence, ethics, compliances to the laws of the land and integrity play a key role in trust, one of the least understood and focused elements but primary driver of Trust is Fair experiences and how it is experienced by all stakeholders.


FSx helps to deliver experiences aligned to stakeholder expectations.

With our innovative and proprietary, framework we highlight the gap between Voice of stakeholders and Self assessment alongwith Culture vulnerability assessment.


We are the world’s first Comprehensive and Integrated Fair Stakeholder Experience, FSX platform


FayrEdge helps leaders and organisations to build their Trust capital centred around Fair Stakeholder Experiences 

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