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ESG reporting with essence of FSx play

FayrEdge FSx play in ESG reporting

The growing need and importance on FSx play in ESG reporting by organisations is evident.

Interestingly ESG impacts TRUST by 45% (Deloitte report) and this will grow to more than 60% over the next three years.

With an increasing mix of younger generation coming into the fold of stakeholders set, the demand on ESG standards will further evolve.

This is a complex subject which requires proactive stakeholder engagement across the broader set. It is key to mobilise the power of their partnership for them to become part of the journey in jointly delivering on ESG goals.

While in the midst of the journey, clear commitment has to be reflected by organisations on ESG metrics reporting showcasing ongoing progress. We are closely being watched by our stakeholders for them to lean in to partner.

To stand out as a leader who is committed to building and strengthening TRUST capital with commitment on ESG, the essence of Fair Stakeholder Experiences has to be embraced by demonstrating Transparency ; Inclusion ; Consistency ; Equitable outcomes; Delivering on Value as promised: to exhibit spirt of a true partnership for all to THRIVE.

But are we doing enough in listening to our stakeholders?

- What are they saying on their take on ESG?

- What do they expect out of us on ESG agenda ?

- How do they perceive us on our ESG commitment ?

Or are we delivering based on what is convenient and makes sense to us.

Tap into the power of ESG focussed FSx play to proactively harness stakeholder engagement.

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