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Fair experiences: The moment of truth in employer branding

To attract and retain talent, organisations aspire to create a compelling Employer Value Proposition anchored on its Brand promise and reputation.

Reputation ultimately is a kind of story that is told about you that takes shape over the years as organisations consistently and responsibly deliver on the brand’s promise.

The cascading effect of EVP

The benefits of a strong employer brand are clear-cut and well known with the lens of current and future employees but what isn’t emphasised enough is its linkage with other stakeholder groups. The ability of the organisation to make the promise of the EVP come alive for employees is visible in it's Culture.

This has a cascading effect on the experience of customers, vendors, partners and even investors as they interact with the employees who represents its culture for them to base their decisions whether they would see a relationship with the organisation for the long term or merely as a transaction. The inability to demonstrate the EVP therefore leads to significant missed opportunity for the organisation.

Employer branding is more important than ever

Against the backdrop of a highly unpredictable world with unprecedented changes a strong EVP coupled with the ability to demonstrate it is key for organisations to stand out.

Added to it the younger generation in the mix is continually looking out for value and demanding more out of an organisation’s citizenship role. So what does it take for organisations to deliver on their EVP.

Fair experiences: the key to a great employer brand

Employees and candidates look out for organisations they can TRUST. The test of delivering on the promise of the EVP is largely anchored on Fair experiences. It gives organisations the ability to make it tangible. Here are few aspects to test the strength of our EVP on Fair Experiences.

An ever-increasing generation mix is leads to evolving needs adding to complexity for organisation’s to keep pace. Are we considering different (future and current) employee persona segments whom we want to target and accounting for their motivators in the EVP design as opposed to catering to conventional personas?

Do employees feel there is a balance between what is expected out of them by organisations and what the EVP delivers for them.? Is it one sided where employees feel continually stretched or do employees feel vested to give organisations the extra support to stand by them when they need it the most during challenging times?

Beyond the PR that organisation’s promote, future employees are keeping a gauge on how organisations are translating their intent of the EVP into experiences. Do we have a sense of how we are coming across in the minds and hearts of current and past employee groups to endorse our brand?

These are few scenarios to ponder upon. Fair experiences is at the heart of what matters. At the end, beyond the narrative, we all want to be associated with organisations that makes us feel welcomed, included, heard, cared for and valued.

Our employees as co-creators in our journey

A strong EVP and its demonstration has the potential to fuel a true spirit of partnership with our employees whether past, current or future.

Connect with us to find out more about measuring Fair Stakeholder Experiences, FSx in delivering your brand’s promise to truly transform employees into co-creators towards your sustained success.

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