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Health Insurers: Benchmark Your Stakeholder Experiences with a Unique First-of-its-Kind Study

FayrEdge Health Insurers: Benchmark Your Stakeholder Experiences with a Unique First-of-its-Kind Study

Despite efforts to improve service and digitalisation, health insurers struggle to stand out due to price comparison websites and infrequent customer interactions. While some explore service ecosystems, a broader approach is gaining traction. Recognizing the importance of all stakeholders, not just customers, is crucial for success. However, measuring and understanding their diverse experiences remains a challenge. 

A first-ever industry study that lets health insurers benchmark their stakeholder experiences  

FayrEdge, a pioneering platform in stakeholder experience management, is launching the first-ever Stakeholder Experiences Benchmarking Study tailored for the health insurance industry. This unique initiative equips health insurance companies with valuable insights and benchmarking opportunities to enhance stakeholder engagement and achieve sustainable growth. 

Why is this study important? 

  • Unprecedented Focus: This is the first-ever comprehensive study analyzing stakeholder experiences within the health insurance sector. 

  • Addressing a Critical Gap: Many executives lack industry-specific data on stakeholder experiences in the health insurance domain, hindering their ability to make informed strategic decisions. 

  • Actionable Insights: Participating health-insurers will receive benchmarked data comparing their performance to industry peers, along with best practices, trends, and actionable recommendations for improvement. 


How does the study work? 

FayrEdge's innovative approach combines "Voice of Stakeholders" data with organizational self-assessments. This comprehensive method helps identify perception gaps and potential areas for improvement, ensuring a holistic understanding of stakeholder experiences. 


Benefits of participation: 

  • Gain valuable insights into stakeholder sentiment and expectations. 

  • Benchmark your performance against industry leaders. 

  • Identify improvement opportunities to enhance stakeholder experiences. 

  • Drive business growth through increased trust and loyalty. 

  • Receive public recognition as a top performer (optional). 


The study adheres to strict data privacy and security protocols, ensuring anonymity throughout the process. 


Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain a competitive edge! Participate in FayrEdge's Stakeholder Experiences Benchmarking Study. 


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