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The FayrEdge Summit 2023

Where Trust Meets Strategy for Stakeholder Success 

The FayrEdge Summit 2023

In today's dynamic business arena, success is no longer just about profit margins; it's about fostering meaningful relationships with stakeholders. FayrEdge, dedicated to fortifying trust capital, institutionalizing culture, and amplifying societal impact, hosted the FayrEdge Summit 2023—as a guiding light for C-suite executives amidst the evolving landscape. 


The spotlight was recently on FayrEdge as it hosted the prestigious FayrEdge Summit 2023 in Mumbai on December 12th. This flagship event underscored the profound impact fair experiences have on the trust, brand reputation, business results, and culture of organizations. The summit attracted a diverse audience of over 100 senior corporate professionals from various fields, including strategy, customer success, marketing, HR, and ESG, along with trust and experience officers. 


The summit featured a diverse array of sessions, bringing together Indian and global industry leaders, founders, thinkers, influencers, and investors. The event wasn't just a gathering; it was a strategic initiative to spotlight the pivotal role of fair experiences in today's business landscape. 

Key Summit Sessions: Unveiling Insights for Success 

  1. "Trust Renaissance" by Shane Cragun (Co-Founder & CEO, LeadersCode): Shane Cragun set the tone by delving into why a stakeholder economy driven by fair experiences is emerging as the new benchmark, surpassing traditional metrics of ethics and competence. 

  2. "Enduring Trust" Panel Discussion: Featuring Rajeev Dubey (Chairman, Mahindra First Choice Wheels), Amitabh Ray (Advisor & Former MD, Ericsson Global Services India), Atrayee S Sanyal (Vice President, HRM, Tata Steel), and Anand Khot (National Secretary, National HRD Network), this panel shared invaluable insights on building reputation and legacy brands that withstand the test of time. 

  3. "Profits, People, Purpose" Panel Discussion: Lalitha Indrakanti (CEO, Jaguar Landrover Technology & Business Services), Krishnan Ramachandran (MD & CEO, Niva Bupa), Rohit Pathak (CEO, Birla Copper), and Suresh Mahalingam (Board Member & Former MD & CEO, Tata AIA) shared strategic insights on embedding fair experiences to build trust capital in businesses, emphasizing the holistic approach of profits, people, and purpose. 

  4. "Feeling the Experiences" with Soham Dadarkar: Drama-based narratives underscored the importance of fair experiences for all stakeholders and offered practical insights on cultivating a fair experience culture within organizations. 

  5. "Leadership & Culture" Discussion: Bharat Wakhlu (Founder & President, The Wakhlu Advisory) and Ruchira Chaudhary (Author, Educator & Founder of TrueNorth Consulting) engaged in an in-depth discussion on how leadership drives a culture of fair experiences, shedding light on the pivotal role of leadership in shaping organizational culture. 

  6. "Startup Ecosystem" Panel Debate: Investors and startup founders, including Mitesh Shah (Partner, Physis Capital, Co-Founder, Inflection Point Ventures), Satyam Kumar (CEO & Co-Founder, LoanTap Financial Technologies), Dev Raman (Managing Partner, Lastaki Advisors Pvt. Ltd.), and Gery Messer (Board Advisor & Former VP - GTS, IBM Services, APAC), engaged in a lively debate on investment wisdom and how founders can find the right investor in the startup ecosystem. 

  7. "Powered by Technology" Panel Discussion: Gaurav Sharma (Vice President, IBM India Software Labs), Tarun Sharma (Founder and CEO, Yodda), and Kumar Karpe (Co-Founder & CEO, Kapittx - AR Automation, Angel Investor) explored how technology is transforming the stakeholder experience journey, addressing associated risks and opportunities. 

The FayrEdge Summit 2023

Looking to the Future: A Unified Vision 

The FayrEdge Summit 2023 wasn't just an event; it was a convergence of minds, a platform for thought leadership, collaboration, experiences, strategies and actionable insights aimed at charting the course for a future where technology serves as the linchpin for fair stakeholder experiences. As businesses navigate an era defined by digital transformation, the summit provided invaluable insights into ensuring trust, transparency, and stakeholder-centricity in every facet of business. The sessions provided a unique lens into the transformative potential of fair experiences and how they are becoming a cornerstone in the strategic fabric of businesses globally.  


FayrEdge continues to lead the charge in redefining success paradigms, one fair experience at a time. In a pioneering move, FayrEdge has emerged as a ground breaking platform meticulously crafted to quantify and elevate the quality of organizational experiences for stakeholders. Defining fair experiences as the delivery of consistent, transparent value while respecting the dignity and needs of all involved parties, FayrEdge strives for win-win outcomes, ultimately leading to stakeholder delight. The scope of stakeholders, according to FayrEdge, extends far beyond the conventional, encompassing customers, employees, candidates, vendors, investors, go-to-market partners, and CSR collaborators. 


According to Bomi Manekshaw, a seasoned Leadership Coach and Principal Consultant at Shaw Macons, who  brings over 33 years of experience as a versatile HR professional, who had attended the summit,“Building trust with ethical actions will require building maturity, showing the mirror with honesty to ourselves and our stakeholders. While we learn to walk our talk, we'll also have to learn to get up and walk, even when we fall, again and again, to hold our heads up high.” 

The summit indeed marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of business dynamics, where trust, transparency, and stakeholder-centricity take center stage. FayrEdge beckons the global business community to join this transformative journey, where technology and fair experiences converge to define the future of stakeholder relationships. 

In the words of Anand Khot, “The summit was more than just a meeting of minds; it was a celebration of how fair practices and trust are integral to building sustainable, resilient brands. The success of this event has truly underscored the importance of these values in today's business world.” 


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