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How does FayrEdge prioritise Fair Stakeholder Experiences (FSx)?

We have provided tangibility to the concept of Fair Experiences which can otherwise seem abstract.


Firstly, on the definition of Fair Stakeholder experiences, FSx incorporates 6 dimensions across all stage of the stakeholder journey:

  • Where diverse stakeholder needs are taken into account alongwith being transparent;

  • delivering in a consistent manner with dignity upheld in all interactions;

  • thereby creating win-win outcomes where value is delivered as promised leading to stakeholder delight


Secondly, our 3-6-7 FSX culture framework encompasses:

  • the 3 stages across the stakeholder journey;

  • delivering on 6 dimensions that constitutes Fair Experiences

  • to a broader set of 7 stakeholders not limited to just customers, investors and employees.


Thirdly, by systematically Embedding FSx in every interaction and engagement across the stakeholder journey, it becomes an integral part of Expressions and subsequently impacts the emotions it Evokes in the minds and hearts of all stakeholders.

With FSx at play we build consistency on how we are perceived, not just by our internal stakeholders, but also by our business and other external stakeholders.


By focussing on creating Fair Stakeholder Experiences across the stakeholder journey, we drive its institutionalisation to add strength and sustainability in our culture journey.

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