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Rate your fair experiences with companies

Make your VOICE heard & have it counted


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How are the reviews used?

The reviews are aggregated on a continued basis and using FayrEdge proprietary framework and algorithm, ratings of experiences & sentiment scores for each stakeholder segment are available on our platform for the reviewed company.  Comments (moderated) and summary of feedback is published for users to get a good gauge on the experience focus of the company. 

Why is your review important? 


A first-ever platform to rate & review your fair experiences with companies &  institutions ( eg. educational)

It is upon each of us to give genuine feedback (positive or otherwise) and keep raising the bar for fair experiences for all stakeholders!

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Please Note :

  • You can provide feedback to companies in one or more stakeholder capacities - as a customer or employee or candidate or vendor or business partner or CSR partner or investor.

  • Specific examples will help the company know better on their strengths & improvement areas

  • The platform is available at this time for companies & stakeholders in India only. We will be extending to other countries shortly.

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