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1.All reviews submitted through this platform are deemed anonymous and the identity  of the reviewer shall not be revealed by FayrEdge without their online consent or as required by law. 

2.FayrEdge does not undertake any obligation to respond to or address any issues or complaints raised through the review process. It is not designed or intended for the filing of formal complaints, inquiries, or requests for specific redress. For any inquiries or complaints, please utilize the official channels of the respective company.  

3.FayrEdge shall not be obliged to provide any status updates on issues or complaints received through the review process to either the reviewer or the respective company. 

4.All reviews must be submitted in a respectful, professional, and lawful manner. APS Edge reserves the right to edit or refuse to publish any review that it deems to be offensive, defamatory, harassing, misleading, or otherwise in violation of its standards or applicable laws. 

5.The sole purpose of this platform is to facilitate the sharing of feedback and does not create any legal obligation towards the reviewer or the respective company. 

How are the reviews used? 

FayrEdge consistently gathers feedback and utilizes its specialized platform to conduct in-depth data analysis. Through this process, FayrEdge provides unbiased ratings and benchmarking scores to companies, evaluated by stakeholders. Furthermore, FayrEdge leverages this data and analysis (excluding personal information) to generate comprehensive reports for companies and agencies, aiding in benchmarking efforts. These reports offer valuable insights into their performance in delivering fair experiences, empowering them to make necessary improvements. This approach promotes transparency and encourages companies to prioritize the delivery of exceptional experiences.

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