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FSx Solutions

FayrEdge FSx Solutions

Culture Vulnerability Assessment 

A self assessment diagnostic questionnaire for CXOs & teams on 6 FSx dimensions that will give us state of FSx Culture, Risk-Opportunity analysis, Early warning triggers and Insights

FayrEdge Voice Of Stakeholder 

Voice Of Stakeholder 

A technology platform based diagnostic on 6 FSx dimensions to know pulse of all stakeholders - customers, employees, candidates, partners, investors

FayrEdge Institutionalizing FSx Culture

Institutionalizing FSx Culture

Quarterly FSx dipsticks to check ongoing progress to strengthen & transform fair experience touchpoints through consulting & advisory

FSx Edge

FayrEdge FSx Certification
FayrEdge FSx Certification

FayrEdge FSx Certification that amplifies your culture & reputation and creates stakeholder value 

FayrEdge FSx Edge

A peer stacking order to enable you grow through the journey & build resilience

FSx Advantage

Make fair experiences a competitive business advantage

Give & receive fair experiences because fairness matters to us all

Focus on multi-stakeholder experiences since they are interconnected

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