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Our Story

FayrEdge - Our Story

Our Belief & Purpose

Everyone DESERVES Fair Experiences to THRIVE.

What’s at the heart of lasting relationships and partnerships. Undoubtedly Trust, but… 

We enter into engagements as citizens, consumers or in other capacities in expectation of the brand’s promise both implicit and explicit. 

But everyday events such as even the struggle to have our elderly walk into offices spaces not catering to their needs or the angst of being let down on not receiving what gets promised when we buy our home with hard earned money or left in the cold to get our medical insurance claims when we need it the most and many such daily examples with lack of considerations, are prominent around us. 

Trust, once lost, is not easy to regain.  

The Delusion of being Insulated  

Often, we have ignored our instincts when things don’t feel right because we love the people we work with or look the other way even seeing red flags elsewhere as long as we aren’t impacted. 

But ignoring it for long, not giving attention to overall culture soon becomes detrimental professionally and personally. 

Every day we see news of institutions failing to deliver on stakeholder’s trust and then we see standard knee-jerk, myopic responses… or blame game tactics or firing someone for quick optics...Well, all of these are already impacting us or our friends or our families.   

Our [North Star] Vision 

To help Build a World where Fair Experiences are made essential - for all to have a Voice and Choice

Coming from our own experiences in the corporate world we have been at both ends of the spectrum, receiving and delivering tough decisions which is inevitable but the difference or the disconnect is how it is (designed to being) experienced on test of fairness.   


To create World’s first comprehensive & integrated Fair Stakeholder Experience Platform 

Our discovery run, fuelling us with optimism  

With that in mind we decided to invest our time to first research and then drive validation with close sets of stakeholder groups on Fair Experiences as the key driver of Trust capital and its absence leading to Trust erosion. 

The initial realisation was interesting on the lack of attention on sufficient research and current measurements in this area. The silver lining was having our hypothesis validated with conversations with eminent leaders where 90% confirmed the importance & impact of Fair experiences & 30% acknowledged lack of current measures to gauge it & not covering a broader stakeholder set. This gave us our path forward to focus and go deeper into what matters most across the stakeholder journey… FSx

Our everyday journey is anchored on the bedrock of our Values. 

FayrEdge - Logo

Passion with Purpose

FayrEdge - Logo



FayrEdge - Logo


FayrEdge - Logo

Empathy & Dignity

What's in the name? 

Our name FayrEdge has been carefully coined to represent the symbolic opportunity in the letter Y in Fayr, to intentionally focus on the three (3) stages of stakeholder experiences, leading to our Edge. 

And here is how it all started 

This is our opportunity to lead a new narrative.  Come, join us in this journey!

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