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Experience centricity that focuses on what matters to stakeholders

Backed by deep research & insights into behavioral science, the FayrEdge framework defines experiences, rooted in fairness and for an interconnected world of stakeholders

Making experience tangible & measurable with People Science

6 core dimensions that define experiences for all

Customized for 7 stakeholders

Across design & delivery and impact along stakeholder journey

Focus on enabling culture of fair experiences

Measure impact of experiences on trust & stakeholder retention

Built on Technology for Analytics, Reach & Scale

Cloud based platform 

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Sentiment Analysis using Gen AI & LLM

Voice to Text NLP capabilities

Multilingual options for feedback

Data Security & Data Privacy compliances

Multi device

(Laptop/ Mobile/ Tablet)

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Dashboard with Analytics & insights

With a Client Admin and Dashboard access, teams can view real time insights & analytics to gauge stakeholder experiences and take actions to strengthen. 

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