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FayrEdge: A Year of Pioneering Fair Experiences

FayrEdg A Year of Pioneering Fair Experiences

The air crackled with a potent mix of nervous excitement as Anurag Mohit, Poornima Parameswaran Batish, and Sukanya Choudhury took their brainchild, FayrEdge, out of stealth mode. Launching a brand, especially one as purpose-driven as FayrEdge, is no small feat. It's a culmination of countless decisions, tireless efforts, and unwavering belief in the power of fair experiences to transform businesses and societies. 


The inaugural year of FayrEdge witnessed the unveiling of dreams, the birth of a brand, and the orchestration of an organizational symphony. 

From Vision to Reality: Building the Bedrock of FayrEdge 

The journey began much earlier, etched in the passionate LinkedIn posts announcing their entrepreneurial foray on Startup India Day, January 16th, 2023. A serendipitous start, indeed! February saw them diving deep into product validation and testing, meticulously refining their offerings with each passing day. The hours spent ideating FayrEdge's DNA, prioritizing purpose, vision, mission, and values, were testament to their commitment to building a company with a beating heart. 


June 27th, 2023, marked another pivotal moment – the official unveiling of FayrEdge to the world. The brand and website launch was a culmination of months of dedicated work, and the thrill of stepping into the limelight was palpable. 


But FayrEdge wasn't built solely on the shoulders of the co-founders. Bringing together a team that shared their vision was crucial. Onboarding their first team member was a cause for celebration, marking the expansion of the FayrEdge family. The advisory board, meticulously assembled in August 2023, added invaluable experience and guidance, becoming a sounding board for the company's strategic decisions. 

The Maestros Behind the Dream 

Meet the visionaries who set sail on this entrepreneurial odyssey: 

  • Anurag Mohit: A global HR leader with over three decades of experience in iconic organizations such as Kyndryl, IBM, Ericsson, and Apollo Tyres; and much respected a subject matter expert in organizational culture and change management. 

  • Poornima Parameswaran Batish: An HR and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leader with a rich tapestry of 25 years, spanning enterprises like Godrej Consumer, Airtel, and IBM. She is a leadership facilitator with expertise in culture and building inclusive workplaces. 

  • Sukanya Choudhury: A global 'People & Culture' leader with 25+ years at IBM and Kyndryl, showcasing prowess in organizational transformation, mergers and acquisitions consulting, leadership development, and succession. 

Ambition with Purpose 

What sets Anurag, Poornima, and Sukanya apart is not just their ambition for success but their larger purpose. Grounded yet visionary, they understand the intricacies of business, valuing prudence and responsibility in every decision. 


The co-founders, shaped by their experiences in behemoth organizations, bring a wealth of knowledge, ensuring FayrEdge is primed for success in the 21st-century business landscape. 

Fairness as the Guiding Light: Defining the FayrEdge Experience 

FayrEdge's unique 3-6-7 fair experience framework is designed for a thorough assessment across seven stakeholders, it transforms touchpoints across design, delivery, and outcome stages, impacting six dimensions. 

At its core, FayrEdge champions the concept of fair experiences. It's about delivering value consistently and transparently, upholding the dignity and needs of all stakeholders. This goes beyond customers and employees, encompassing candidates, vendors, investors, partners, and even CSR partners. FayrEdge's unique 3-6-7 framework assesses experiences across seven stakeholder groups, covering six dimensions across design, delivery, and outcome stages. It's a holistic approach that ensures fairness is woven into the very fabric of every interaction. 

The Grand Finale: FayrEdge Summit 2023 

Culminating their first year, FayrEdge hosted the FayrEdge Summit 2023—a beacon for C-suite executives navigating the evolving business landscape. Held in Mumbai on December 12th, the summit attracted a diverse audience, featuring sessions that delved into the transformative potential of fair experiences for businesses. 

Pinnacle Moments: Dates Engraved in Time 

As Team FayrEdge reminisces about its inaugural year, certain dates stand out in the tapestry of their journey: 

  • January 16th, 2023: The founders announced their entrepreneurial journey, coinciding with the founding of Startup India day—a serendipitous start. 

  • February 2023: Validation and testing of products commenced, laying the foundation for FayrEdge's reliability. 

  • June 27th, 2023: Emerging from stealth mode, FayrEdge was announced through LinkedIn posts, marking a significant milestone. 

  • May 2023: FayrEdge got officially registered, solidifying its presence in the business landscape. 

  • August 2023: The advisory board came together, hosting its first meeting—a pivotal moment in shaping FayrEdge's strategic direction. 

  • Momentous Customer Acquisition: A key health insurance business, part of the pilot run, became FayrEdge's first customer. 

Beyond an Event: A Convergence of Minds 

The summit wasn't just an event; it was a convergence of minds, a platform for thought leadership, collaboration, and actionable insights. It illuminated the role of fair experiences in fostering trust, transparency, and stakeholder-centricity in every facet of business. 


In their inaugural year, Anurag, Poornima, and Sukanya have not only laid a robust foundation for FayrEdge but have also established a visionary path for the future. As they navigate through challenges and victories, the co-founders remain unwavering in their commitment to fair stakeholder experiences—a commitment that will undoubtedly shape FayrEdge's journey in the years to come. 

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Recognition: Milestones That Matter 

Since its inception, the infant business has found itself surrounded by well-wishers who expanded its ecosystem. The co-founders express gratitude for a mix of connections, including those they boldly reached out to. These supporters, believing in FayrEdge's cause, have fueled the team's entrepreneurial spirit. 


The team's dedication bore fruit in the form of their first customer – a key health insurance business that incidentally had participated in their pilot run too. This initial validation was a significant milestone, proving the value proposition of FayrEdge in the real world. 


But FayrEdge's ambitions soared beyond individual clients. The FayrEdge Summit 2023, held in December 2023, in Mumbai, was a resounding testament to their commitment to shaping the larger conversation around fair experiences. The event, held in Mumbai, brought together over 100 senior corporate professionals from diverse fields, including strategy, customer success, marketing, HR, ESG, and trust & experience officers. It was a melting pot of thought leaders, industry veterans, and rising stars, all united by a common goal – to build businesses that thrive on fairness. 


The summit's diverse sessions featured Indian and global industry leaders, founders, thinkers, influencers, and investors. It wasn't just a gathering; it was a movement, a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and charting the course for a future where technology fuels fair stakeholder experiences. The summit's success cemented FayrEdge's position as a thought leader in the space, proving that fairness is not just a buzzword, but a strategic imperative for businesses in the 21st century. 

Looking Ahead: Building a Fairer Future, One Experience at a Time 

As FayrEdge enters its second year, the co-founders remain grounded yet optimistic. The dates etched in their memories – the serendipitous beginnings, the nervous launch, the first customer, the industry-defining summit – serve as constant reminders of the journey they have undertaken. But more importantly, they serve as a springboard for the future, a future where FayrEdge's unwavering commitment to fairness shapes not just individual businesses, but the very fabric of society. 


The road ahead may be long and winding, but with a team as passionate and dedicated as Team FayrEdge, and a mission as noble as shaping fair experiences for all, there's no doubt that FayrEdge will continue to leave its mark on the world, one milestone at a time. 


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