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The X factor of TRUST- beyond ethics and compliance

The X factor of TRUST- beyond ethics and compliance

Research shows that 30% of a business’ profitability comes from stakeholder trust! Clearly, the X factor of TRUST is one of the most important assets for any organization.

While 6 out of 10 reasons why stakeholders opt out are experience and perception led, despite it’s importance this block is not given enough importance.

While competence of offerings & leadership credibility along with ethics & integrity and compliances to the laws of the land play a fundamental & hygiene role in trust but one of the least understood and primary element of trust is Fair experiences and how it is experienced by all stakeholders. Not limiting the scope to the obvious few stakeholders such as customers, employees and investors but also brings into the fold of prominence other stakeholders that is, candidates, vendors and partners (GTM plus CSR).

The disconnect between what stakeholders expect of a business based on promises made and what they finally get leading to their perception is a pivotal pillar of trust. Therefore the ‘feeling’ of having received what was promised and not being shortchanged is key. Fair Stakeholder experiences makes us feel welcomed, included, heard, valued and cared for. The absence of these very experiences makes out opt out of any relationship.

Fair Stakeholder Experiences, FSx is at the heart of delivering on ‘value as promised’ leading to ‘win- win’ outcomes. It is the primary driver in building TRUST capital.

It is time we centered our attention on what matters most.


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